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Our whole lives we are told to think outside the box.

We just think more thoughtfully about the box - and what goes in it.


The Problem



WHAT YOU MAY KNOW: Nonprofits, there are a lot. Each one has a mission. Each mission is supported by various efforts (fundraising, in-kind donations, etc.).

WHAT YOU MAY NOT KNOW, “THE PROBLEM”: The in-kind donations system is broken. Why? Let’s start at the beginning. At some point, you’ve likely bagged up items to donate. Now imagine all those bags being delivered to a nonprofit. What’s next? The nonprofit has to unpack, sort, dispose of, store and distribute. It’s work, on top of work.

TAKEAWAY: Driving and processing in-kind donations is burdensome for nonprofits because this is only one effort supporting the mission, it’s not their mission. As a result, the system has evolved by default, lacking intention and personalization.

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Why Boxes Because

Choice is a privilege. For individuals who do not have this privilege, we are a small (very intentional) nod to affirming dignity. We’re more than boxes, with a nice label and a bow. We’re more than the personalized, individually curated items that fill our boxes and are packed with care to better serve those in need.

We are a B2B nonprofit transforming giving.



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